Wednesday, 7 September 2016

How to attatch a buckle with a prong to a belt

Generally, I prefer slider buckles, not because they are easier to sew, but because they do not require making all these little holes along the belt. Plus you can loosen it slightly while at a big dinner (something so typical in Spain...) in a very discreet way ;)

But today I want to show you how to deal with the other kind of buckles, those with metal prongs.

I know two ways of attaching a buckle to a belt. In the first one you have to consider the prong while making the belt itself.

Step 1

After you have stitched the parts of your belt together and before pulling it the right side out, mark a line at one end. I marked 30 mm, which is OK for hand-stitching, but if you want to machine sew your belt, you may need 50 mm or more, depending on the shape of the buckle. The longer it is, the longer the incision you will need (let's say, the length of the prong plus some 12 mm - 1/2" and extra 12 mm for machine-sewing. if you want a measure).

Also, some buckles have very thick or wide prongs, so take it into account when making your belt.

Step 2

Sew around the line, like when making a slit opening and then cut it along the line you marked earlier.

Step 3

Turn the belt inside out and press. You may need a crochet hook to get the slit end out.

Step 4

Now your belt is ready to be attached to the buckle.

Step 5

Sew the loose end. You can machine-sew it or hand-stitch.

If you have bought a strap in a shop and you want to turn it into a belt, you will need to attach your buckle in a different way. Also, you may find that this is just an easier way to do it.

Step 1

At a certain distance, mark a line, 10 mm or 3/8" long, just like when making a button hole. Remember to add extra distance if your buckle is long.

Step 2 

Sew an oval around the mark, not too wide, using a very short zig-zag stitch. I would not recommend using the button-hole mode, as you may need a bit more space for the prong. Key-hole-shaped button hole is not a bad idea, though. Again, make sure you have left enough space if the prong is thicker or wider than usual (for example, this belt buckle has a very wide prong).

Of course, you will want a thread in a matching colour. I am using white to show you better where to sew ;)

Step 3

Cut out the inside of the hole. You can now attach the buckle and sew the loose end.

That's it really. Not that difficult I guess. A few more tips:

  • If you are making a leather belt, instead of cutting out a hole, like in the second method, you can simply make 3-4 holes very close one to another, like in the picture below. 

  • Oh, and don't use wool if you are making a tutorial! It is quite difficult to handle and you have to operate with a humid cloth every time you press it. You may want to use simple cotton fabric instead ;) I chose this pink wool because I had suitable scraps left after sewing this dress

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