Sunday, 22 January 2017

Henri Hamm - A great button designer

Have you heard of Henri Hamm? I hadn't, until I discovered his buttons at that fantastic button exhibition in Paris. I took a picture of his name to learn more about this fascinating figure. To my surprise, there was not much about this great man on the Internet, not even a mention on Wikipedia!

When I saw this, I immediately decided to join and published a small article about him, as surely he was a great figure, worthy of an article.

Henri Hamm was a French art deco button and accessory designer. His works include things like perfume flasks, haircombs and decoration. But to me, the most important work he ever did was creating amazing buttons and buckles. He used all kinds of early plastics to make them, and his favourite technique involved carving - no wonder: he was a sculptor.

Just look at some the amount of buttons at the Louvre exhibition! All these fantastic buttons were designed by Henri Hamm:

There were about 900 buttons designed by Hamm at this exhibition.
These are only some of the buttons in white by Henri Hamm.

A great man in the button world!

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