Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Button stamps

Dear all,

Until recently, I used to buy the button stamps for envelope decor on Etsy, from other sellers - something very practical and time saving. But then I asked my stamp provider if she could carve one specially for me. She said she was very busy and could not carve any custom stamps....

That's when I decided to try my hand at stamp carving. I bought a set of 3 tools (very cheap in TIGER store full of craft ideas), which were good for the beginning, but not as good for carving lines, so I had to order an extra tool online. I also purchased some rubber for carving. And then sat down and started playing with my new toys :)

I used my own vintage buttons designs

The first button carved in rubber was not as impressive as I expected, but I guess it is normal. I had to learn how to handle the tools and I did not know how deep I should carve at first. But with some practice I managed to improve my skill and carved some more pieces.

It was this small button you can see at the bottom here that first inspired me to carve.

This is how my envelopes look now :) Do you recognize that black button
All in all, carving rubber stamp is not that difficult. I had a lot of fun doing it and I think I will continue as long as I have the inspiration from my vintage buttons :)

Rubber stamps provide just one possible idea how to decorate envelopes with orders. Do you have another favourite way of doing it?

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