Wednesday, 22 June 2016

How to take a prong off a buckle

Most belt buckles come with a metal prong. While some antique buckles may have casein prongs, which are impossible to remove without breaking the piece, the prongs on most modern buckles are easy to remove. In my shops I do it as a standard service, but if you have bought one WITH a prong and now you have changed your mind, don't worry. It is easy to fix.

These yellow buckles originally had a metal prong
but the customer requested to have them removed.

You can do it in two different ways. Sometimes one way is better than the other.

The first technique requires a screwdriver. It has to be a small one, like a jeweller's screwdriver. Insert the tip into the space where the metal prong bends over and closes. Use the screwdriver as leverage to lift it open. Or simply turn it and it will open easily. This method is best for small buckles with thin center bar.

Look at the picture below, which explains where to insert the tip:

The other way involves using pliers, but again, you will need very small, jeweller's pliers. Otherwise you may scratch the buckle, if not destroy the brittle piece completely.

Insert one end where the prong closes around the central bar. Hold the other end of the prong. Bend it open until you can see there is enough space for the bar.

Here are a few pictures to illustrate the process.

You have to make sure there is enough space in between the pieces. If not, try with the screwdriver.

If your buckle is big and chunky, or the central bar very thick, you should go for the pliers, as the screwdriver may not be enough. On the contrary, if the prong is closed very tightly around the central bar, you will rather need a screwdriver. Also, you can combine both methods, and begin with the screwdriver and finish with the pliers.


Also, I recommend you keep the prong. You never know, maybe one day you get a belt buckle which you really like, but without a prong. You will have a perfect one to fit!

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