Sunday, 23 October 2016

Button Craft ideas

Looking for things to do with buttons? I have put together a list of nice button crafts, which include some embellishment and up-cycling ideas. Maybe you get inspired?

  • The second one is my very own project, with buttons glued to hair pins. Make sure you use really good glue, for example Araldit - that's available in Spain.

  • Button jewellery, a possible DIY project, although you can also buy it. This one is from a great place in Porto, where you can buy some amazing pieces. 

  • For more advanced - soutache jewellery, using actually buttons instead of cabochons. I really like this idea, because some buttons are real jewels!

  • Another project of mine, this time a button hair clasp. Perfect match for my green sweater! This one is relatively easy, just glue the buttons to a blank metal clasp and make sure they hold well together!

  • Buttons sewn to a shirt collar from Proper Lovely blog. What a nice way to give some life to a plain white shirt! I guess any plain colour shirt would do as well.

  • A button bowl - there are plenty of tutorials on line, explaining how to glue the buttons over a balloon. It seems that you get the best result not by plastering the buttons all over the place with glue, but patiently pasting them one by one, using just a bit of glue. Also, instead of a balloon, you can use your favourite salad bowl on the inside, layered with aluminum foil to protect it. And use a cake tray to make this button tray for pens and pencils.

This photo has been re-posted so many times that I found it impossible to reach to the original post and author. Thanks in advance for pointing to the creator of these amazing pieces. 

  • And last but not least - buttons used in crochet flowers. I absolutely adore these! The tutorial is actually in Italian, but the pictures are so great you will understand it without reading, as long as you have some crochet practice. 

Time to get some wool now...

I will be updating this list every time I come across an interesting project (or get illuminated with a new idea) so stay tuned!


  1. Miło mi że wybrałaś moje kolczyki, dziękuję za informację z postem :) Fajna ta Twoja obsesja z guzikami, też lubię szperać w nich, w zapasie dużo jeszcze mam pięknych by właśnie biżuterię z nich porobić. Pozdrawiam :)

  2. Podlinkowałam u siebie posta do Twojego bloga :)